Frami Xlife
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The complete system for walls, columns and footings

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The ingenious modular design

 gives you unlimited possible combinations, in both width and height. You can use the panels either upright or horizontal, and the 6" increment together with the steel fillers (2", 1 ½", 1") gives you optimum adaptability of the formwork to the dimensions of the structure, at all times.


Panel width and height are designed to always give you a continous panel joint.  This simplifies work and increases speed. 

Logical System Grid

Easy to be set by hand 

Frami is a complete system for typical low height fomring.  

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Rugged enough to be moved in gang by crane

Complete system for typical low height forming 

with a range of 2", 1 1/2", and 1" steel fillers, Frami Xlife eliminates all wood filler work and costs from the jobsite

 Steel fillers

Quick panel connection

Save time in assembly with only 3 lightweight Frami clamps per 9 ft. verical join.  Just one blow with a hammer and the panels are joined and aligned. 

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Sturdy, torsion-resistant steel frames &



Tie-hole protection

The frames of the Frami panels are made of torsion resistant hollow-section steel profiles.  High-quality hot dipped galvanizing ensures an extremely long life span. 


The steel tie hole protection  guarantees a long life span of the plyqood with a very good finish. 

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Frami xlife panels are easy to set by hand and robust enough to be moved by crane

fast resetting

The Frami brackets can be hung into place on both vertically and horizontally placed panels and further more at any height level on the panel per your requirements. 

Safe Work Platforms

Perfect alignment with the easy-to-use plumbing struts.  Connection rails over the entire width of the panels ensure fast installation of the plubing struts - quick as a flash at any locaiton on the horizontal stiffeners. 

Frami plubming struts


The corner solutions are based on the strong, torsion-proof Frami inside corner.  The Frami ouside corner is an easy and problem free way of forming corners in narrow trench situations or where large wall thicknesses are called for. 

Corners and Pilasters


The Framax stripping ocrner is compatible to the Frami Xlife, making stripping a core a snap.l  Just a simple ratchet action in each corner and all is ready to be set into the next floor 


Frami Xlife uses a lightweight high strength taper tie 1" - 3/4" with 5/8" ends.   It combines the advantages of the taper tie with convenience of the Doka super plate, only one size and only one piece for each side.  she bolts are also available when inner units with water stop are required. 

Frami ties